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Vision and Experience
Ron Martinez

Ron Martinez


Ron Martinez is a longtime innovator in media, commerce, and intellectual property. He’s a prolific inventor with more than sixty patents, and former global Vice President, Intellectual Property Innovation for Yahoo! Inc., where over a four year period, he led the development of a massive, forward-looking patent portfolio covering what proved to be a wide range of fundamental mobile, social, and media technologies and applications. Ron splits his time between southwest France and San Francisco.

Over the course of his career he’s built consumer and enterprise technologies, products, and businesses. Recent projects include Retail Network, a decentralized bookselling platform he led the entrepreneurial design and development of (acquired by Ingram Content Group, 2016); Content Blockchain advisory, where he supports the propagation of a new class of media identifiers and the development of a transactional ecosystem to make use of them. He’s also served as intellectual property advisor to UK-based JAAK, a company building a foundational blockchain-based IP rights network with its open KORD initiative. Early on, Ron invented seminal, cryptographically-enabled, limited edition, transactable digital object technologies, as expressed in this 1997 Virtual Property Patent which was used in both virtual economies as in the pioneering massively multiplayer game 10Six, which he designed and produced, and in consumer banking systems.