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Inventing and delivering NFT Experiences.

For Media, art, ticketing, merchandise.

and original commerce systems.

NFT Design, production, Distribution

NFT-linked merchandise and service fulfillment

custom commerce Systems

Intellectual property Innovation

iNVENTIoN ArTS NFT lAB and studio

We are an NFT design, production, and distribution company bringing together accomplished creatives, experience designers, and original, enabling technologies.

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New! NFTShirts:

Mainstreaming NFT Merchandise 

NFTShirts is the ideal way to attach wearable merchandise to an NFT, and to make them available to the widest range of buyers.

Using an innovative approach, collectors buy a limited edition article of clothing and it comes with a collectible, companion NFT of the same design, by the same artist, in the same limited edition availability.

And the purchase can be made with a credit card or PayPal, whether or not the buyer has any cryptocurrency, or even a wallet. 

What We’ve Built

Interactive Stories in Multiple Formats

Simulations and Games

Innovative Commerce Systems

Decentralized Marketing Tools

Events & Location-Based Experiences

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